Our Design Philosophy


Good Architecture is self-made when natural factors and indigenous features of the site are given careful consideration. Climate, solar orientation, prevailing breezes, vegetation, view, topography and existing amenities such as oceans, marshes, rivers and lagoons – These are all considerations that must be recognized and sensitively manipulated in order to bring the outside in and take the inside out.

This design theory is sensitively reflected in much of the original architecture of South Carolina’s early Coastal Islands. Blended together with native building materials, a variety of textures, human scale and muted colors, the natural factors and indigenous features of the site make it difficult to decide if you are in the building or out. When properly meshed, the potential is boundless.



Have you ever wondered why some rooms and spaces “feel better” than others? These spaces exist in harmony with their surroundings and “fit in” as if they had sprung out of the ground. They cost no more, but have a much greater value, and they are a pleasure to live in and visit.

The site gives you answers as the design grows and becomes itself. If the natural site amenities are allowed to shape the form, the rooms seem to locate themselves. The contrast between the architecture and the site is minimized.

When the site generates the architecture, special places are created, resulting in finished products concurrent with initial concepts and creative expectations.